16 September 2011

We've Got A Little Theme Going Here

Toronto strippers among 'most intellectual' (Tom Godrey, QMI Agency, 9/14/2011)
Toronto has some of the "most intellectual" strippers in Canada.

On any given night, about 50% of the city's exotic dancers on the job are fresh-faced college or university students who are shedding their clothes to earn degrees, industry officials say.

A ban on imported foreign dancers in 2006 forced Toronto-area strip club owners to recruit elsewhere, and they now have hundreds of students from top colleges and universities taking to the stage after classes to earn tuition money.
So we won't take their crazies, and they won't take our hot girls! girls! girls!

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Peter said...

This one is tricky. As the story reads, Toronto exotic dancers claim the be the most intellectual in Canada! Perhaps the millions of your American followers don't fully appreciate the degree to which Toronto boasting and arrogance is resented up here. This could well lead to a constitutional crisis. I forsee foxy, pole-climbing girls from Saskatoon angrily brandishing their M.A's in environmental studies, or perhaps comely Newfoundland lasses talking of how they had to lap-dance to supplement their poor parents' efforts to get their B.A. (pass)in fish management. Quebecers will feign indifference while taking jabs to the effect that if English-Canadians are fixated on the intellectual prowess of their strippers, they may suffer from more problems than they realize. Ottawa may well have to declare an emergency and haul out the heavy artillary--a commission of inquiry support by a lengthy round of publically funded community consultations.

But, had the headline read "Canadian Exotic Dancers the Most Intellectual in the World" or, even better, "Canadian Strippers Smarter than American Strippers", then we would all have celebrated the news and puffed with national pride, all the while assuring our wives, families and colleagues that we have never visited such places and never would.