03 September 2011

Mountain Meadow, Glacier National Park, Summer 2011

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erp said...

Beautiful picture.

Glacier Park is spectacular. We spent some time there on our way home from the Canadian Rockies (also pretty spectacular) about 20 years ago.

The driving in Montana was a little different than we were used to. Cattle wanders along the road, as it seemed, unattended by drovers making us more than a little nervous -- not knowing the penalty for steercide.

Paul Jaminet said...

The penalty for steericide is a totaled car.

I have a nice picture of a mountain goat that passed 6" away on a cliffside trail in Glacier.

Hey Skipper said...

We did Glacier then the Canadian Rockies (sort of erp in reverse, I suppose) in June 2007 -- spectacular is right.

Unfortunately, due to Global Warming the Road to the Sun was still closed due to snow