07 July 2011

God Is Cruel

Now He's making me agree with Richard Dawkins.


erp said...

I don't know where BlagHag Jen McCreight hangs out, but I was a fairly decent looking young girl and woman 60 years ago when women really were second class citizens and have never had anyone say or do anyhing remotely resembling what she says she's experienced in today's world, although I was told by the teacher that because girls can't do math, I should drop out of an all boys' math class in high school. Instead of reporting him, I retaliated by getting 97 on the Regent exam -- only a couple of the boys got a higher grade.

Hey Skipper said...

From the link:

Also, as Watson points out, Dawkins is admired widely for work criticizing creationism and denouncing the use of religion as an excuse for repressing women in particular. To defend only some women from misogyny and not all, she and others argue, is hypocrtical [sic].

My jaw is slack, eyes wide open and staring in sheer disbelief.

Feminists have become so far detached from reality that a clumsy proposition becomes misogyny.

Then the sheer length and vitriol of the thread proves RD's point way beyond hope of any contradiction. When is the last time that the kinds of abuse that are routine in Islamic societies gotten anything like the same number of angry pixels?

David said...

What's really amazing about this is the "victim's" version of this misogyny:

So I walked to the elevator, and a man got on the elevator with me, and said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I find you very interesting, and I would like to talk more. Would you like to come to my hotel room for coffee?"

Peter said...

OK, she's a bit of an ideological drama queen and the feminist mumbo-jumbo is tiresome, but that doesn't mean propositioning a strange woman in an elevator isn't pretty trashy behaviour that a lot of women would find menacing.

David said...

Supporting my position that the real purpose of feminism, after buttressing white supremacy, is to bring back Victorian mores.

Harry Eagar said...

Only if you think the Victorians were exclusive lesbians.