28 June 2011

No Jews Need Apply?

I'm starting the exciting and rewarding process of searching for a job, so I'm reading lots of academic help-wanted ads.

While reading an ad for one particular school, I came across this language:
Women, Aboriginal peoples, members of visible minorities, and people with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply and to voluntarily self identify as a member of a designated group as part of their application.
I'm not usually touchy about these things (when it comes to jobs, I'm the anti-Marx; I wouldn't accept a job that won't take someone like me), but it immediately occurred to me that I'm being excluded. But there must a long list of non-visible minorities (heck, they might even be trying to keep out the mentally ill, although the disability language indicates otherwise). Let's list all the people who don't get preferential treatment.


erp said...

Good luck with your search.

Harry Eagar said...

Since when are women a minority?

Peter said...

Let's list all the people who don't get preferential treatment.

Canadians, and our patience is running out. We want job quotas and we want reparations. We're still suffering PTSS from that tarring and feathering.

Brit said...

Clearly you need to start being more visibly Jewish, David. Try becoming a stand-up comedian, for example.

David said...

So that's why Canadians wear shorts, white socks and sandals; to be visible.

(By the way, this language is from a Canadian institution. Believe it or not, preference will be given to Canadians, which as we know is just another word for "whites.")