26 April 2010

Why We'll Never Enforce The Immigration Laws

This article and video at CNN is biased and completely unfair to the pro-enforcement position. It also demonstrates why the US will never strictly enforce its immigration laws (and, from my point of view, never should).


erp said...


Harry Eagar said...

The real reason is that the people who write the laws want cheap nannies.

Follow the money.

Although, as Michelle Dulak Thompson commented at Volokh Conspiracy, it is passing strange that unions are taking the position they are these days.

It's very like robbing me of my work product. In a democracy, more people benefit from robbing me than I benefit from not being robbed.

I understand that and do not plan to overturn the system. However, I do reserve the right to LMAO when robbers tell me they are robbing me for only the best reasons and for my personal benefit.