22 February 2010

The Zeitgeist Rolls On

In a New York Times article on fraud in a new book on the Hiroshima bomb, a historian describes the book this way:
“This book is a Toyota,” said Robert S. Norris, the author of “Racing for the Bomb” and an atomic historian. “The publisher should recall it, issue an apology and fix the parts that endanger the historical record.”
Just putting down a marker for the first time I saw the phrase "It's a Toyota" used to mean that the subject is a clunker.


Hey Skipper said...

Does the mark the end of Edsel?

David said...

Yep, Toyota is the new Edsel.

Harry Eagar said...

Bad, bad MSM, revealing fraud again.

erp said...

Harry, they're just carrying Obama's water -- dissing the competition so folks will buy his government cars.