20 February 2010

Why Is Internet Advertising So Bad?

We all have, in the back of our minds, the idea that advertising is going to keep giving us our internet for free. But why is internet advertising so bad? If I see another ad about Acai berries, or about how a [fill in your location here] mom makes $77.00 an hour stuffing envelopes, I will cry.


Brit said...

Which came first? Is there something inherently dodgy about internet advertising that has led to it being dominated by Acai berries, fake diplomas, Viagra etc; or does it just seem inherently dodgy because it has become dominated by those things?

And does it work? Are there people out there actually buying Acai berries?

Bret said...

It seems that most marketing and advertising (Internet or not) is pretty bad.

How about this environmental marketing slogan: Cover your tweedle, save the burying beetle?

So I'm not sure that the Internet marketing is really any worse.