03 January 2010

More Proof That Fascism Is Of The Left

If you can stomach it, you should go and read this Pat Buchanan column. Go ahead, I'll wait.

What I find really striking is not how silly it is (in 2000 the economy was booming, in 2010 we're just coming out of a recession: OH, WOE IS ME), but how, except for one paragraph and a hand-full of words, it could have just as easily be written by someone on the supposed left as by Buchanan, who has so long straddled the line between right and far-right.

Buchanan's is a sad story, though his functional anti-semitism prevents me from feeling too sorry for him. Working for Ronald Reagan, he was a force for good -- and for free trade. But he soon lost his soul in Washington, suffering the fate of those who take politics too seriously. He lost focus on where his path was taking him and lost sight of common sense some time ago.


Harry Eagar said...

Don't think I'll spend any time with Buchanan, but note he isn't the only one. While rambling round the 'net yesterday, I spotted a name on a 9/11 troofer site that I had hardly seen since the '70s, when he wrote a rather humane column about religion: Les Kinsolving. (I suppose it's the same Lester Kinsolving; how many could there be?)

Kevin said...

I believe the previous President's fault was spending like democrat instead of a conservative republican. The last statements of Pat B stay with me. How come we can no longer win a war or be the envy of the world (financially)?

Peter Burnet said...

How come we can no longer win a war

Because we have lost all sense of the difference between winning a war and saving an oppressed people for whom we become 100% responsible until we make them rich beyond their dreams and convert them into a combination of a New England townhall democracy and a lab for the successful implementaion of every UN resolution since 1945.

Harry Eagar said...

No longer?

Heck, under Reagan we just barely managed to conquer 600 construction workers on Grenada. It was touch-and-go for a while.