24 September 2008

The Curious Incident Of The Big Dog In The Night-Time

Bill Clinton: Will respect Jewish holidays, then 'hustle up ... cracker vote' in Florida (Ben Smith, Politico.com, 9/24/08)
In an interview with CNN's Larry King airing tonight, Bill Clinton offered a slightly unusual reason for postponing his campaigning for Obama: The Jewish high holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which he's not known to observe
By their excuses shall you know them.


Anonymous said...

To win in Florida, Obama needs the Jewish vote. The Jewish holidays start right after Clinton winds down his annual Clinton Initiative tour. To campaign on during Jewish holidays would be offensive to some Jewish people.

If you care to look back at campaign schedules of past presidential candidates in Florida, you'd see those days empty.

And before you ask, the "cracker vote" is an old (at least two generations) phrase for Florida Democrats who vote Republican.

Let's at least educate ourselves about traditions and politics that were established before the age of the blogger.

Anonymous said...

Obama ain't gonna win FL. We all know that. Bill for sure knows that. So he's "wasting" his time there if he's actually trying to help Obama get elected. Which he's not. This is just a way for him to have to do as little as possible and still pretend to be doing something.