25 December 2007

Winning Is Losing

Welcome to the 'Don't Divorce Me Club' (Kyung Lah, CNN, 12/24/07)
In the corner of a small Japanese restaurant, a dozen dark suited businessmen gathered at a large table.

A Japanese couple walk through a park filled with cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

Smoke hovered over the dinner and beer disappeared as quickly as it was poured.

At first glance, it looked like a typical Friday night post-work scene played out all over Tokyo's taverns.

But then your eyes stop on a poster-sized sign propped up next to one of the middle-aged men. It reads:

Three Golden Rules of Love:

• Thank you (say it without hesitation)

• I am sorry (say it without fear)

• I love you (say it without embarrassment)

All the men at the table stood up. Equally spaced out and still wearing their stiff black suits, they chanted in unison, "I can't win! I won't win! I don't want to win!"
Of course, losing is also losing, but at least this way you can say that you lost intentionally.


Anonymous said...

There is no better way to improve your spousal skills than to spend hours talking about them with your pals over beer in a smoke-filled bar.

I hear that just down the street a competitor has opened offering vintage scotch to groups of men trying to be better fathers.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should try that out. I have found that keeping a weblog about the kids is a mixed blessing — a big win with in-laws but a potential source of friction when SWIPIAW tries to talk to her mom only to find out Grandma already knows all of the cute things the kids have done.

P.S. Blogger now lets me be myself again.

Anonymous said...

only to find out Grandma already knows all of the cute things the kids have done.

Like firing rockets at Canada?