11 December 2007

I Know I've Been Busy...

Fears of al-Qaida link as blasts kill up to 67 (Ian Black, The Guardian, 12/10/07)
Two car bomb blasts, one a suicide bombing, killed dozens of people in Algiers yesterday, fuelling fears of a north Africa-wide al-Qaida front targeting national and international interests.

The near simultaneous attacks at the end of the morning rush hour were believed to be Algeria's deadliest, with as many as 67 people killed.
...But I'm surprised I missed our invasion of Algeria.


joe shropshire said...

And nothing but tumbleweeds. How is school going?

David said...

So far, so good, but we're just reaching the end of the semester. I just got out of a stats final and have one more final, a small project and a big paper before I'm done.