30 August 2007

Do All Dogs ...

Find wheels to be an offense against G-d and nature, or just mine?

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erp said...

Our dog, Reggie, a German Shepherd/Husky mix, loved going out in the car, so my husband used to take him on errands as long as it wasn't too hot for him to stay in the car for short periods. He'd sit by the garage door waiting for the invitation as soon as he sensed an excursion coming up.

When his master closed the door on him, the Reg would let out a sigh that was truly heartbreaking, look at me as if to say, can't you do something about this, move away from the door and throw himself on his favorite pillow.

The whole performance would have done credit to Sarah Bernhardt.

The Reg has been gone now for almost six years and there isn't a day goes by we don't miss him like crazy.