18 November 2012

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

I had no idea.

The constant obsession of our popular culture with Holmes is something of a mystery to me, although I watch both current attempts at updating Holmes (the first BBC series is good bordering on great, the second and third episodes of the second series are almost unwatchable). But why Holmes?

Also, the constant ferment of Holmesiana is a great argument against extending copyright. These are the sorts of derivative work that copyright (intended to promote the arts) shuts down entirely.


Peter said...

Tangenital to your point, but what is with this modern penchant for combining futuristic sci-fi and history? The number of movie trailers and best sellers I've seen in recent years that feature such weird combos (Ulysses battles the aliens! Wyatt Earp attacked by death rays!) makes me think that either a profound cultural shift worth exploring is taking place or I am now past it.

erp said...

My 15 years old granddaughter loves the new Holmes. I'm not sure she has ever read or seen a movie about the original.

Peter: Pick door no.2.

David said...

I love the idea of Steampunk, although I've never (except for these keyboards) run across a well executed example.

Susan's Husband said...

Not even Steam Detectives?