19 April 2011

I'd Be Perfectly Happy If Those Damn Kids Would Just Get Off My Lawn.

Happiness is U-shaped ... which explains why the middle-aged are grumpy (Stephen Adams, The Telegraph, 4/19/11)
Happiness follows a U-shaped curve during a person's lifetime, according to research showing that middle-aged people are the unhappiest.

Satisfaction with life starts to drop as early as a person's late 20s and does not begin to recover until well past 50, says Bert van Landeghem, an economist at Maastricht University in Belgium.


erp said...

I don't know about men, but for women, it's balderdash.

Peter said...

Having never met a Belgian who wasn't a sour misanthrope, I wonder whether there isn't a geographical focus to these findings.

C'mon now erp, surely the transition between the age where one frets about not making senior partner or bedding Jennifer Lopez or paying unaffordable tuition to the age where one takes a sublime, near-erotic pleasure in a tomato & mayo sandwich followed by an early night to bed is cause for celebration, especially now that there are marvellous new gadgets to help us put our socks on.

Speaking of happiness, look what news the wonder of science brings us today. I would be very grateful if you Americans refrained from demonstrating your jealousy by making fun of the top ranking of those laugh-a-minute, wild and crazy, Bergman-loving Swedes. Such would make us very uhnhappy indeed.

Peter said...

Sorry, link here.

erp said...

Peter, I thought happiness is a warm puppy. Has that changed?


David said...

Happiness is unAmerican.

Harry Eagar said...

I don't think happiness/unhappiness is mainly external.

Some people are more easily gruntled than others.

Hey Skipper said...

I agree with Harry, with the exception that as I am entering my late 50s, I am noticing an increasing liberation from the power of Team Estrogen.

Brit said...

Yes as Peter and Skipper's comments indicate, there's a clear sexual analysis available here.

There's a beginning state of optimism about your chances of bedding a lot of Jennifer Lopezes, and an end state of resignation that it's not going to happen; but the dawning realisation in between is tough.