21 January 2011


The Most Emailed 'New York Times' Article Ever
It’s a week before the biggest day of her life, and Anna Williams is multitasking. While waiting to hear back from the Ivy League colleges she’s hoping to attend, the seventeen-year-old senior at one of Manhattan’s most exclusive private schools is doing research for a paper about organic farming in the West Bank, whipping up a batch of vegan brownies, and, like an increasing number of American teenagers, teaching her dog to use an iPad.


erp said...


Peter said...

The brilliance lies in the fact that, when you finally realize it's a spoof and go back to re-read from the start, you cringe that you didn't clue in earlier.

erp said...

Spoof? Maybe, but it's pretty close to what the beautiful people are doing (see new best seller about tiger mothers).

My granddaughter is just starting this process applying to elite prep schools and the pretentions and jockeying are mind boggling.

I'm torn between wanting her to have the best possible start in life to wanting her as far away as possible from this kind of elitism.