17 December 2010

At Least She's Not One Of Those Parents

Meandering around the internet one day, I came across this review of the Curious George store in Harvard Square:
This is a wonderful store and was our first stop off of the train. Visiting from Chicago, we couldn't wait to bring our children into the store as we had fond memories of the place from when we visited childless and in Cambridge many years ago. Unfortunately on this visit, before I could even explore beyond the first row items, I noticed a lady who worked in the store hovering over my son and me. My son being 16 months old and curious himself, was gently touching the toys and books that were at eye level. I was right next to him, ensuring he was not hurting anything. At first, seeing this woman who works in or owns or manages the store, hovering over us, I didn't think much. But then when she snatched a toy away and with her non verbals acted as if we opened it, I began to wonder. Then, my son clearly committed the unpardonable sin by picking up a dolly bottle and put it in his mouth for a second. Upon seeing this, this woman said "I wouldn't DO THAT..." in what was a judgemental and cruel tone. She then proceeded to ask me which bottle he had placed in his mouth because she needed to wash it. This shocked me and I calmly asked her if she didn't want us there. When asked, she said "well, I noticed he has a cold and..."that was enough for me. This crazy GERM O PHOBE was stalking us in the store because my innocent little guy had a slight cold and she didn't want him touching anything in the store. At that point, I told her we understand when we aren't welcome, and that she had offended me greatly. When I asked her if this was her store, she said yes. Whether the owner, or the manager, I'm not sure. All I know is that she was very offensive to a pro-reading, book and child loving, respectful of others family. I love the shop, and wouldn't have left empty handed by a long shot, so she lost a sale of at LEAST $100. The saddest part though is that her rude and hurtful treatment of me, and my baby son, ruined my day, and made me think all day about how disappointing it was that something we were looking so forward to could have be ruined by such a cruel person. I am not one of these parents who thinks my children should be allowed to mess wherever they go. Maybe she gets so many customers who are this way that she is worn down.All I know is that the Curious George bookstore in Cambridge should have a sign out front that says "curious children and children with colds are NOT welcome." Thank you very little for a hurtful experience.
So, just to reiterate, a mean, judgmental toy store owner wanted her to identify which toy baby bottle her 16 month old son, who had a cold at the time, put in his mouth.  That crazy "GERM O PHOBE."


Brit said...

Be worth keeping an eye on LB B's reviews.

I had fond memories of MOMA, but I couldn't believe the rude assistant who used non verbals and a harsh and judgemental tone just because my creative 16 month old little guy tried to add a couple extra stars to the Van Gogh 'Starry Night' with his crayon. I told him I was very offended and would not be going to the restaurant so they lost a sale of at LEAST $30. All I know is that the MOMA art gallery should have a sign out front that says "creative children and children with crayons are NOT welcome." Thank you very little for a hurtful experience.

David said...

Excellent, Brit, although for me what raises the original post to high art is her recognition that there are over-indulgent mothers and her vague suspicion that there's something about her complaint that makes that recognition relevant, followed by her reassuring us that she's not one of those mothers.

erp said...

Something closer to home: A neighbor had a bunch of two year olds and their parents in for cookie swapping last weekend. One of the kids didn't like a Christmas sticker on the window, so he tried to peel it off and rip it up. When he was told he couldn't do that, his mother took offense and asked the hostess what she had provided that her child could rip up.

David said...

Wow. Just, ya know, wow.

Peter said...

Yes, David, you called it. If she were either a responsible mother or an "I don't care" irresponsible one, the incident would have passed from her memory by lunch. Only a modern, Oprah-trained neurotic would go home and post a 600 word essay about it.