10 June 2010

Odd To Discover

That I hadn't forgiven Daniel Ellsberg, "a hero and an icon of the left."  I had just forgotten about him.  Apparently, he's just as big a horse's ass as he ever was.

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Peter said...

If you look at the rhetoric, the most promising was John Edwards. Too bad he turned out to be a jerk.

Worth framing, that one.

There is something pathetic about aging radicals who are determined to keep on fighting the good fight. Russell, Sartre, Mailer, etc. all became caricatures of themselves, oblivious to how irksome phrases like "When I was marching against the war in Vietnam..." are to young, iconoclastic ears. It's much more satisfying to wear the cloak of a wise, slightly curmudgeonly conservative dispensing caution and the wisdom of the ages to the crazy kids, and savouring those (very) occasional looks of self-doubt.