13 March 2010

Are There People

... for whom it is good news when the world conforms to their expectations?


erp said...

Back in the day, any deviation from the norm, was frowned upon and stopped, but is today's world where there are no norms and deviation is held in the highest regard, really better? The story of the lesbian high school student and the canceled prom being a case in point.

The letter writing story reminds me of the pen pals I had as a kid. They were real friends, but on two-dimensional plane. I never wanted to meet them and I don’t remember even sending pictures.

It was all about my favorite things, words, words, words and it was fun … just like blogging. :-)

Harry Eagar said...

The great American conservatives, like Mencken, Randolph and H.L. Wilson, constantly lamented, a hundred and even two hundred years ago, that deviations from the norm were what we had lost.

erp said...

Harry, they've been found.