18 December 2009

I Put The Over/Under At Two Days

Dear Prudence,

My partner and I are adopting twins! We plan to raise them without diapers. There's a method for this, and most of the world goes without diapers. We will also use only organic clothes and linens, and only natural wooden toys. I'm wondering how we can politely express this to the people attending our baby shower. It would seem a bit brash to simply tack a list of what we don't want to the bottom of the invitation. I'm afraid that giving no indication about our organic preferences would lead to us throwing out or giving away almost all of the gifts we receive, and that doesn't seem right, either.

—Two Dads, Two Kids, One Problem


erp said...

Unwanted shower gifts will be the least of their problems.

Anonymous said...

This implies a whole new and quite literal meaning to the term "baby shower".

Harry Eagar said...

I bet they don't know how the Eskimos manage this.

Brit said...

Saving the planet one crap at a time.