20 February 2009

Things I Didn't Know Existed

1. This:

2. And this:


Harry Eagar said...

'As seen in Maxim' !?

About 3 years ago, I had the choice of losing some frequent flyer miles or using them to get magazines.

The choices were golf and lad mags, so I got Radar, Maxim and a couple others for a year. Man, were they lame.

I don't think anybody has ever seen anything in Maxim.

joe shropshire said...

Blecch -- didn't know and didn't really want to. Something to wash your ears out with, here.

Hey Skipper said...

Five or so years ago I got suckered in by a kid trolling the neighborhood to get money to go to [some worthy thing I can't remember].

Thought I'd give Scientific American another try.

Got Maxim instead. So incredibly lame that after the first month I called them to tell them where the rest of the year belonged.

Hard to say, though, whether it is more lame than SA.

Hey Skipper said...

Finally clicked on the image.

Wow. Ugly, stupid, probably uncomfortable, definitely ugly and undoubtedly expensive.

Quite the combo.

David said...

I showed the website to my students as an example of a focused, differentiated product strategy. What I find most amazing is how expensive their products are.

Harry Eagar said...

I hadn't noticed the prices. I guess you have to pay for high concept.

joe shropshire said...

So do I. I should've thought nobody would drive a harder bargain than a guy who is willing to be buried in his coffee table.

Seriously, now. This is the sort of stuff that sings to the sort of customer who has a little, ah, confusion, amongst their various impulses, and who has that sort of money, and is getting ready to die. Very nearly the same sort of guy who signs himself up for a subscription to Maxim, completely by accident. Price is not going to be an overriding concern.

David said...

Joes: Apparently their customers tend to be Gen-X'rs.

Harry Eagar said...

Just guessin', but I would suppose they are not only Gen Xers but goths who made a pile in, one imagines, the dope trade.

It's mildly creepy but as an economic hmmm-maker, no more so than a Manolo Blahnik shoe. Maybe even less so.

David said...

Also a focused, differentiated strategy.