05 March 2008

And All We Got You Was This Moderate War Hero

We really owe thanks to the Democrats for giving us such an entertaining primary season. It's been great fun to watch them try all the same tricks on each other that they usually try on the Republicans, and to watch their shock -- shock I tell you -- that it's not just the evil Republicans that try to win. What I'm looking forward to now is what anti-democratic back-room deal the party will use to select -- not elect -- its nominee.


aog said...

Great fun. If only there was some possibility of learning occurring on the part of the Democratic Party. But alas, I am confident that come the general campaign, we will once again hear endless carping about how only Evil Republicans do that kind of thing.

Ali said...

It's like watching the shark from Jaws and the creature from Alien get in a fight.

joe shropshire said...
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Harry Eagar said...

Somebody -- who could it have been? Oh, yeah, it was me -- speculated that we would get weekly outbreaks of candidate-destroying remarks out of the Obama entourage.

So far, we're right on schedule, with Michelle Obama doing most of the heavy lifting. America is 'downright mean' is the latest.

InTrade, here I come

Harry Eagar said...

Well, I was wrong. We don't have to wait a week for the latest suicidal Obama remark.

The cycle is down to about 48 hours.

Here's another:

'By way of Ace I am watching this video in which Obama calls for the day that a young girl traveling abroad can say with pride that she is an American - that, we are informed, is the change he is working for.'

Harry Eagar said...

Wait, wait, wait! I can't keep up.

A little behind the newsbreaks, I don't think I'd actually got up my last comment before Susan Power called Clinton a monster.

This one isn't a complete loss for Obama, though. Getting an anti-Israel kook out of the bus might be thought of as almost a positive.

jim hamlen said...

Hillary, of course, hearkened back to the 90s and said Obama was acting like Ken Starr. How she must love prostrating herself before old Republican men.

It will be fascinating to watch the process in Denver. I suspect the Clintons will try to get all their delegates in a room and come up with some closed-door version of American Idol. Obama wants all the media and sunlight he can muster - Hillary wants shades and locked doors. I saw that the mayor of Dayton (profiled in USA Today) came out for Obama yesterday, saying Obama won her city, so she would vote for him.

I think Howard Dean is going to wind up being like a flunky cardinal, running out to tell the cameras that the magic number hasn't been reached yet. Will a bloc of delegates leave in protest if one side gets too close to the top? Will there be a sergeant-at-arms to maintain control?

We shall see.