04 October 2007

Trees, Meet Forest.

Student takes his C to federal court: Judge dismisses suit against UMass (Jonathan Saltzman, Boston Globe, 10/4/07)
Marquis, a 51-year-old paralegal seeking bachelor's degrees in legal studies and sociology, filed a 15-count lawsuit in US District Court in Springfield in January after a teaching assistant graded a political philosophy class on a curve and turned Marquis's A-minus into a C. Marquis contends that the university violated his civil rights and contractual rights and intentionally inflicted "emotional distress."

Marquis - who salts his comments with "strike that" - acknowledged he was alarmed the C might lower his grade point average and make him less attractive to a law school.
But suing over a grade doesn't make you less attractive to law schools?


Peter Burnet said...

"If every student that didn't like his or her grade started to do this, we'd have to hire, I don't know, 25,000 attorneys," Porter said.

And the problem is?

I trust we can all readily agree that this fool's problems stem from his sociology studies and not from his legal studies. I hear they can quite lose it over curves.

Oroborous said...

Another problem that Marquis has, in his quest to be admitted to law school, is that he wasn't able to do better in a introductory course where clearly over half of the students aced it.