26 October 2006

When Did We All Become Maiden Librarians?

German soldiers in Afghanistan have been caught acting like, well, German soldiers:
Sick war pictures that put Germany to shame (Allan Hall, Daily Mail, 10/26/06)

German soldiers have caused international outrage after posing with a human skull in Afghanistan.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged that the troops would be punished for desecrating the dead.
I'm shocked, shocked to find out that soldiers are taking macabre trophies and posing for shocking photographs. Innate human dignity blah ... common humanity blah ... respect for other traditions blah ... come as liberators blah blah blah. We all love humanity, but I'm not sure that we've ever met a human being.


Duck said...

This stuff has always happened, but you're not supposed to take pictures of it. If you're gonna be stupid, don't record it for posterity.

Hey Skipper said...

It is OK to kill, but not to desecrate?

Brit said...

I'm not particularly offended by the 'Alas, poor Yorick' photos, but it is unfunny, undignified and childish, and as children they should be sent to bed with a flea in their ear and no supper.

"It is OK to kill, but not to desecrate?"

In a war, yes.